Delivery Optimization + ConfigMgr = cloud content made easy


Did you know you can use Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager to optimize cloud-sourced downloads with Delivery Optimization’s peer-to-peer caching and Microsoft Connected Cache? Find out how, get details on new and upcoming features, and see firsthand configurations to support remote work.

For more information, see Optimize cloud-managed downloads with Delivery Optimization and Configuration Manager.

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@Narkis Engler how to you configure DO or peer cache, for a site of machines that have the configuration manager agent and are all set to always on the internet? Say this is an acquisition of a company that is not on the current company's network.

@hotdogh2o Do you mean that the devices aren't able to use boundary groups as peer groups? If so there are additional options available via the "Select the source of Group IDs" policy that can be set statically and may be a better fit: check out the policy documentation here: Delivery Optimization reference - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Docs


@Narkis Engler  so if I have a group of 5 workstations out at a location, they are all token enrolled sccm cmg agents. They are set to always on the internet and they are joined to a domain that is not of the primary site. Basically an island domain.


So would the machine even though it's on the internet according to sccm agent, know to look on the LAN for the group ID?

Thanks for the additional details. For this configuration look at setting the DownloadMode policy to ‘Group’ (2) and Select the source of group ID to the ‘AD Domain’. This way all the devices in that ‘Island’ Domain can be part of a peer group and can connect as Group or LAN peers.

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