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MTT | Remote | Everything you need to know to get started troubleshooting client connectivity for Exchange Online


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Client connectivity, especially Outlook for PC client is one of the top generators of support cases we see on the front lines for Exchange Online. Part of the driving factor for this is the complexity involved in getting the client connected and the many moving parts required in order for the connection to succeed. This Tech Talk is a “primer” to help you understand the basic components required to successfully establish an Outlook connection with Exchange Online and how approach troubleshooting these types of issue. We will pull back the curtain back and provide live demos with some tools our 3rd tier support organizations use everyday to troubleshoot client connectivity for Exchange Online



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Joel Rickets - Customer Engineer


Joel is a Customer Engineer at Microsoft with over 20 years of experience in the enterprise IT field.  On a daily basis he helps our clients around the world leverage the power of Microsoft 365 to streamline their ability to collaborate in extremely complex and fast paced environments.


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