Microsoft TechTalks (MTT) | Intelligent Communication with Microsoft Teams by Greg Cooper | Atlanta


Event Title:

Microsoft TechTalks (MTT) | Intelligent Communication with Microsoft Teams | Atlanta

Friday, June 19th, 2020 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST


Event Abstract:

Microsoft Teams is a single cloud platform that provides Chat, Teamwork, Meetings, Calling, Files, Application integration and more!  This session will focus on the Intelligent Communications in Microsoft Teams.  We will cover Teams Meetings, Audio Conferencing, Teams Calling, Teams Devices and new Teams Meeting features!


Event Speaker:

Greg Cooper is a Microsoft 365 Technical Specialist and M365 Certified Enterprise Expert focused on Microsoft Collaboration and Teams.  He has been with Microsoft for 4 years in role, and has prior experience with a partner as an implementation engineer and pre-sales Technical Specialist.  Prior to that, he was a customer at many enterprise organizations helping to manage Microsoft technologies and Cloud services.  He speaks regularly in the Atlanta MTC and in webinars for marketing events, including Teams Deep Dives, Teams Collaboratoriums, and Security & Compliance workshops.


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This is a Teams Live Event!


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