Microsoft Tech Talks (MTT) | Claims Analysis the Easy Way


Microsoft Tech Talks (MTT) | Claims Analysis the Easy Way

20 January 2021 : 2:00PM - 3:30PM CST

Event Abstract:

Troubleshooting claims for AAD Integrated apps can be a pain.  Luis and JJ will demonstrate some tricks and tips from the field to help examine Azure AD claims without having to write your own app, making your day to day life easier


  • How to Integrate Claims X Ray and JWT.MS to parse Azure AD tokens
  • Using MyApps to create a springboard for all your demos
  • How to use RCFED to observe the protocol conversations
  • Testing different Conditional access scenarios



02:00 PM- Opening / Welcome

02:05 PM - Featured Topic – Speaker

03:00 PM  - Q&A








Luis Feliz

Azure Identity and Platforms Customer Engineer

Luis has been at Microsoft for over 4 years helping enterprise customers with Azure and OnPrem Identity tech. His passion for Identity began with AD FS 2.1 when he was a Microsoft customer and has continued to evolve with Azure AD integrations and premium products. 

Luis is in the Cleveland, OH area, has 2 dogs, recently had his first baby, and loves home automation!




JJ Streicher-Bremer

Senior Customer Engineer - Modern Identity

JJ started with MSFT as a TAM and after 10 years transitioned to PFE for the last 7 and is now part of the Identity Advanced Cloud Engineering team.  JJ is focused on helping customers integrate their on-premises environment into the Microsoft cloud, uplift on-prem and cloud security through the use of strong identity, and secure access to data via conditional access policies.


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