Microsoft Tech Talks | Microsoft Teams: Onboarding, Governance, Security & Compliance - 05/27/2020


You can find the PowerPoint deck's attachment presented during the session at the bottom of this page.



Microsoft Teams: Onboarding, Governance, Security & Compliance


Wednesday - May 27th, 2020 - 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM(EST)


Microsoft Teams enables Individuals and teams to be more productive by providing real time communication and collaboration tools, without compromising security or Privacy. What Covid-19 taught us the importance of connecting remotely in a Secured way. So join us and Learn how to enable Microsoft Teams, your hub for teamwork, and watch Microsoft Teams Experts Talk about Teams Onboarding, Governance, Security, Compliance and Capabilities for Remote Workers

  • Session 1: Teams Onboarding
    o Overview of Microsoft Teams and its functionality
    o Requirements and limitations
    o Customer success kit documents to drive adoption
    o Enable and disable features by interacting with Policies
    o Demo Teams Client and Teams Administration Portal
  • Session 2: Teams Governance, Security and Compliance
    o How to secure Microsoft Teams for your environment with proper security controls
    o What’s the difference between Guest Access and External Access, and which one is right for you?
    o What policies should your organization look at first to secure your teams?
  • Session 3: Teams for Remote Worker
    o Connecting with Teammates
    o Connecting with Teams
    o Breaking Down Barriers
    o Personal Productivity
    o Tips for Making your Remote Workers Successful

This event is perfect to get you started on your Microsoft Teams Journey and teach how best to Manage and keep your Teams environment Secure and Compliant. You will walk away with a ton of tips and tricks to make sure your end users are engaged and productive. Let roll up your sleeves and let the fun begin #MicrosoftTeamsForLife 


12:00 - 01:25 PM - Teams Onboarding
01:30 - 02:45 PM - Teams Governance, Security and Compliance
02:50 - 03:50 PM - Teams for Remote Worker
03:50 - 04:00 PM - Q&A


Aabir Rizvi - Premier Field Engineer
Anthony Teekah - Sr. Premier Field Engineer
Noman Farooqi - Premier Field Engineer
Jennifer Snoddy - Sr. Premier Field Engineer
John Ferringer - Sr. Premier Field Engineer


Microsoft Teams Live Event

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@Ashok Kumar Vellore Thanks for the great talk yesterday. When will the PPT be available? Can you provide the link now for the Customer success kit?


@Ashok Kumar Vellore 

Can you please provide me with a link to the PPT presentation that could be used to send to users on the roll out? I can't seem to find what was discussed in the meeting.