Microsoft Tech Talks | Azure Synapse Analytics Unleashed


Microsoft Tech Talks | Azure Synapse Analytics Unleashed

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May 6th, 2021 - 12:00PM - 1:30PM EST


Azure Synapse Analytics provides an integrated platform where Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Big Data Analytics converge together providing a seamless cloud native service.  


During this session we will take you through end-to-end journey from data ingestion to reporting and will unleash the true power of Azure Synapse Analytics. You will see firsthand how structured and unstructured data from relational and non-relational sources is ingested seamlessly.  Then we will walk you through on how you can query both relational and nonrelational data at petabyte scale using the language of your choice. For mission-critical workloads, Azure Synapse Analytics helps you optimize the performance of all queries with intelligent workload management, workload isolation, and limitless concurrency.  We will end our journey by showing the ease you can integrate reporting Power BI.  


Note: During this Microsoft Tech Talk we will be focusing only on Azure Synapse Dedicated Pool.  This will be a series of Tech Talk dedicated to Azure Synapse Analytics where we will focus on various areas of Azure Synapse Analytics.  



  • 12:00 – 12:05 – Introduction
  • 12:05 – 12:15 – Azure Synapse Concepts and Terminologies
  • 12:15 – 12:30 – Data Ingestion
  • 12:30 – 01:00 – Querying Data
  • 01:00 – 01:15 – Reporting based on Azure Synapse Analytics
  • 01:15 – 01:30 – Q & A

Event Presenters


Nicolas Soukoff is a Principal Customer Engineer in Modern Data Warehousing and Big Data in Microsoft Canada. He is working for Microsoft for 10 years starting and have 20+ years of experience in SQL Server technology. His main mission is to leverage Azure Synapse Analytics and Modern Data Warehousing to Canadian customers.


Nick Salch is a Sr. Customer Engineer specializing in Microsoft Data Warehousing and Big Data. He has worked for Microsoft for 12 years and during that time he has spent time in hardware, test, reactive support, and proactive support. The last few years he has been a lead in the proactive business developing and delivering content for our customers to help deliver value on Azure Synapse Analytics. He has extensive experience helping customers become successful using Microsoft data warehousing technologies.


Fargham Butt is a Customer Engineer (CE) specializing in Big Data.  He is one of the leads for Analytics Platform System (APS) and Azure Synapse Analytics.  He has been with Microsoft for 21 years.  He started Microsoft as SQL Server Engineer as part of server down team and then moved to the Premier Field Engineering (PFE) specializing in SQL.  


Simon Facer is a Sr Customer Engineer, specializing in Microsoft Data Warehousing and Big Data for over 7 years. He has worked in SQL Server for over 25 years and has been at Microsoft for over 10 years. As a lead in the Microsoft MPP Data Warehouse domain, his primary missions are to evangelize Synapse and to guide Microsoft customers to get the best possible return on their investments in Synapse.


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