Hyper-V adds multiple "Default Switch" network adapters

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I am using a Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 and Hyper-V Manager 10.0.17134.1. I created multiple virtual switches and use the as well.

I think the starting point of my issue is the leck of a physical RJ45 socket at my laptop. Because of this I need to use adapters. Additionally I work at different desktops with different adapters and docing stations. Therfore I have changing network adapters.

My issue is an increasing amount of "Default Switch" network adapters. I am not sure wich action caused an increase but I had 38 "Default Switch" network adapters two or three weeks ago. Now I have 

57 "Default Switch" network adapters!!! 
I can't delete them.



I assume the issue is in corealation with the fact I can't change something at my default switch. I don't know when I got this state or why.





Do someone know how to solve the issue?
Can I easly uninstall Hyper-V and install it again without loosing virtual mashines. And hopfiully without exporting the VM's?

Thank you 

Nico Hollmann

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@nicohollmann thanks for your query.  This forum is focused on Microsoft Tech Talk Events, so please may I suggest you post your query to the Windows 10 community, as there will be more folks on there that can address your query:  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-10/bd-p/Windows10space Cheers, Antoni. 

Thank you, I was ansure where to post.