Teams Business Proposal Sample

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Hi Guys

Anyone with ready made business proposal sample or template to implement Microsoft Teams or Upgrade Skype to Teams proposal, may you please share. Looking to upgrade from Skype to Teams and now executive requested a proposal for this project.


Thanks in advanced

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Make sure to check all the resources in Getting started with your Microsoft Teams upgrade, this is all about upgrading from Skype to Teams:


The project vision, scope and goals should be good material to take on board and use.  I'd also recommend this free course that should prove useful plus  

@Cian Allner  Thank you for your reply, I have checked out that information already. What I`m actually looking for on the sample is to see how license costing is calculated for Teams. Will be used for chat, audio/video calling and meetings mostly, collaboration will really be a new thing for our users which I think this is what would be my other selling point as well.