Sanity Check - Skype to Teams (New O365 Tenant)

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Hey All - 


Just looking for a sanity check, can someone confirm that brand new O365 Tenants (Teams only, no option for S4B Online) still require Skype Hybrid to be configured and enabled when supporting Skype On Prem to Teams coexistence/migrations? 


I believe the answer is yes this is still required but the docs don't seem to call out scenarios where a tenant never had Skype for Business Online.


If you have on-premises Skype for Business users that are also using Teams (side by side), those users do not have the ability to interoperate with Skype for Business users from their Teams client, nor communicate with users in federated organizations, from their Teams client. To gain this functionality in Teams, these users must be moved from Skype for Business on-premises to the cloud, which requires configuring Skype for Business hybrid mode. In addition, for the best experience, these users should be in Teams Only mode, which ensures all incoming calls and chats from any user land in the user’s Teams client.


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Hi Kevin, Yes we need hybrid setup to make the communication possible between Skype Onprem users and teams only users.


And if we are enabling teams only mode organisation wide (for all users in one go). then no need to enable hybrid setup.