"Migrate this user's meetings to Teams" setting when changing to "Teams Only" mode

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When changing a specific user to "Teams Only" mode from the Teams Admin Center there is that field/setting that says: "Migrate this user's meetings to Teams". What should be the expected result from having this ON?. Will all this user's Skype meetings be migrated to Teams meetings?. I am asking because we are piloting the Teams Only mode with a few users and their Skype meetings are "intact" after the change meaning that meetings did not get migrated or changed to Teams at all so I just want to confirm that I am looking at a realistic expectation or if this setting means something else. What does this setting mean?



Cristina Gomes

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Hi! Yeah, the users Skype meetings should be migrated if you ticked this option! Although the mms service doesn’t start migrating forat least 90 min later!
For more information see here:



@adam deltinger  I cannot speak for Cristina but I have the same problem she is having.  To test, I have switched my own account, from the Teams admin portal, to Teams Only mode from Islands mode.  After 36 hours I have not seen any changes in my upcoming Skype meetings.  They are not migrating to Teams at all.  This is extremely troubling considering Microsoft says they will migrate, and we are trying to plan a company-wide migration. 

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Sorry I have not responded to this. My test user is supposed to get back to me validating if the meetings migrated or not. But like Phil is saying, if they don't, it would be the one issue standing open on my company wide plan. Will post an update as soon as I hear from my test user. Thank you!

@adam deltinger 


After some validation, my "test" users have confirmed that their Skype meetings have not been migrated even though it has been more than a week. I guess a ticket will need to be submitted... Not looking forward to that process full of logs capturing and no much progress... :(

Maybe we will just go ahead with moving everyone and just asking users to delete their Skype meetings and create new Teams ones. 


If anyone has any other suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated it!





Keep in mind that only the Skype meetings they organized are migrated. If they are not the organizer, the meetings will not be migrated to Teams meetings.


To view the status of the meeting migration, you can use: Get-CsMeetingMigrationStatus -Identity "someone@domain.com"