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Hi Everyone,


I am interested to hear what others are doing to manage/record their DID usage for Teams.


We are close to migrating to Teams from SfB 2015.  We currently keep record of all our DIDs via Excel.  We have a sheet for each site location that contains a DID Range, individual DIDs and who/ if they are assigned, as well as some other notes about the number.  For example if its a shared account line, or open area line, etc...


Excel has been working out but was wondering if there was other options.  First thing that comes to mind is Power BI but I don't have much experience with that.




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You can check this out if you are okay to pay and get a service.

In case if you are moving to Microsoft Teams, your Teams service provider should be able to provide similar services from their portal. But not as flexible as dedicated DID management apps but better than Excel