Moving to Teams only using global tenant setting - questions!

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Hi all, 


We are planning to move to Teams Only setting soon (currently on Islands mode. Skype and Teams available for everyone. We have a mix of Skype and Teams users). We have decided to switch all users at once based on Pilot feedback. Since the change will be for everyone, we want to just use the org wide tenant setting in the Teams Admin Center to switch everyone at once so I have a couple of questions about this approach:


  1. We have approximately 2000 user accounts. How long will it take for the switch to happen approximately?. Anyone have any past experiences?
  2. Will the Skype meetings already schedules be migrated automatically by the backend migration process?. I know this happens when switching individual user accounts when that setting checkbox is marked but I don't know if the migration process will also be triggered by changing the org wide setting. 

Thank you in advance for your feedback! 

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It Can take a while so I would do this just before the weekend.

No The Meeting Migration service won’t run if you set the tenant setting to migrate the users.
But you can run it manually. You can read more here:


@adam deltinger thanks for your reply!. Doing it before the weekend is a good suggestion for sure. About the migration process, seems that the powershell commands to trigger it work only if you specify users... Did not see an option to just trigger it for everyone at once. I guess we could run the command for a list of all users?... 


Now, if we actually run a powershell for a list of users to change their MS Teams Upgrade setting to Teams only (instead of flipping the org wide setting) then the migration process should trigger... maybe?


That’s correct

It triggers with the PowerShell script. Try a batch of users as a pilot before continuing with the rest.



How did the migration go?  Planning on doing the same thing in a few weeks.  Did you just flip the org-wide setting?  Thanks.

@Joe McGowan It went well!. We just flip the switch for the org wide setting. I honestly did not trust the migration process as it did not work consistently through our pilot so I chose not to trust that and asked users to re-create their meetings in Teams in our communications before the switch. No major complaints or issues at all. Good luck!!



Thanks for the reply. 


How did you address the Skype install on the machines?  We plan on excluding it for new installs.  For existing machines, we were looking at Group Policies to remove it from auto-starting after the cutover.