Migration from Skype On-Prem to Teams - users stuck in HybridOnlineSfBUserNeedsProvisioning status

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We've migrated the majority of our users from Skype On-Prem to Teams but users that have been migrated since last wednesday (9/23) are all stuck in the HybridOnlineSfBUserNeedsProvisioning status.  Normally users are in this status for around 10-20 minutes but quickly change to HybridOnlineSfBUser with full functionality. It seems like the provisioning on the microsoft side isn't running or being triggered for some reason but I can't find any reason for this. 


InterpretedUserType: HybridOnlineSfBUserNeedsProvisioning

UserProvisionType: RegistrarPoolupdate, UpdateBvd, XForestMigration

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Hi @WisMoto ,


This is quite an interesting article with regards to the InterpretedUserType:


Now I have had similar issues recently, albeit not when moving from on prem. But either way you cut it, I have found that something ultimately had to be done by the Microsoft Back end team. So I would raise a support case.

In my case they always wanted the users to have their licenses unassigned, wait 2 hours and reassigned. I have always been sceptical about this but have played the game :) And like I say 9/10 times some magic had to be performed in the back end.




Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech 


Thanks for the reply! 


I've been working with Microsoft on this and apparently they are having provisioning issues within our forest so for now they've been manually migrating users. No ETA for a fix yet.