How can I confirm if my users are fully migrated to Teams

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Can someone give me a quick answer.

I am currently migrating users from Skype on Prem to Teams.

Without closing my on prem Skype server how can I know if my users are fully migrated to Teams. 

Basically what I want to know is if I close my Skype server will my Teams migrated users work?

How can I know this for sure?


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What's the value of InterpretedUserType for those users?

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Where am I looking for these values?
I'm looking at this in my local AD and I can't seem to find any of these values in my attributes.

Sorry for my ignorance.
You can check going into Teams Admin Center, Users - Add the Interpreted User Type column in the edit columns option
So mine says
I assume this means that I am not completely on Teams without any Skype dependency?
When I look at another user who is not using an extension but rather a number he has
Can you describe how your environment is and how did you perform this?
Hello Andres,
We have a hybrid environment which we are currently migrating people over from Skype on Prem to Teams.
I think our issue is since we haven't completed moving everyone yet we have not changed and public DNS records to point to the MS servers and not our internal servers. So what we are seeing is when we have to create a user we have to create it also on prem and it cannot be fully cloud yet.
My original question was to understand if a user was fully online or not but I believe the answer lies with the part that we have not completely moved everyone yet and we still have some public records that are pointing to our site and not MS site.
Does that make sense?
Yes, DNS pointing to on-premises will affect the TeamsOnly settings... several things come into consideration, I would recommend following this guide