Federation conf for Teams in upgrade mode "Skype for Business teams collaboration & meetings mode"

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Hi Team,


We have Lync 2013 onpremises enviornment and recently introduced teams .We are using Teams only for Meetings as of now and  we are in coexistence mode "Skype for Business Teams collaboration and meetings "

We are still using Skype client for chatting and calling .Teams application is only used for meetings 

We are facing some federations issues with  one of the other organization after they moved  "Teams only" mode and they have open federation.

It was working fine , when they  were on Skype onpremises

Just wanted to know if any federation needs to be enabled on our Teams portal  or the onpremises federation configuration will still be used since we are in one of the upgrade modes?



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For federation here those users needs to be hosted in Skype Online. In a hybrid setup those users federating needs to be moved over to the Online service


@adam deltinger Thanks for the quick reply.


So we need to move the users from Skype onprem to Skype online? however that defeats the whole purpose of upgrade modes as we have only  enabled  a specific feature  on Teams (in our case it is meetings)

For everything else , we still depend on skype onpremises enviornment.


How would we enable skype online for users who are still on onpremises ?




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