Logs, event id and registry settings regards to Upgrade Readiness Mgmt Solution after running script


Have working on enabling Windows Analytics Management Solution.

Came across issues after enabling the solution where Windows Devices are not invented in Upgrade Readiness Management Solution after running the Script.

Further, tried checking the logs under C:\Windows\appcompat\Programs\Amcache.hve


But unable to read the file with .hve extension.


Please advice about the logs, events & registry settings that need to be checked after enabling Upgrade Readiness Management Solution? How to confirm the windows machine is reporting to the solution after running the script


Tried generating the report from Upgrade Readiness Management Solution from Setting... But it doesn't show any invented windows machine info.


Thanks & Regards,

Balasubramanian Murugesan


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Have you look at Script Insights under Solution Settings for Upgrade Readiness? This is where you can see if you are experiencing wider issues (such as pending reboots, proxy issues, etc.) 




Thanks Steve.

I am not getting any errors under Script Insights under Solution Settings via generating the reports tab.

Have whitelisted the URLs mentioned in the document too.

It shows "Computers being processed (we expect these computers to be visible in your workspace within 48-72 hours): 0"

Unable to get wider issues from logs & events. Please suggest any other ways to find the actual error and issues??




Where you have the logs configured to write in the deployment script. If the deployment script is running as the System account and if you've left the defaults in place you should find it in %SystemDrive%\UADiagnostics.

Also Exit codes are documented at the bottom of this link: