What will UP Cost?

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Thank you for letting me in the Private Preview. All of this is very exciting!

But... I was wondering what all of this would cost in the future.

- Wil it be a monthly fee,

- pay/user,

- Included in E3 of E5 ? 



I work for a school and our budget is limited. If this would cost to much, it's also not possible for us to implement. I don't need to have an exact answer, but an indication would be great.


Thanks for this great product! 




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@Laurent Veys, Thanks for your patience while we actively work with product planning to finalize the plan.  When we have more to share, we'll post the info.




@Jimmy_Wu, has there been any update on will there be an added additional cost to Universal Print when it comes out of public preview? I work for a non-profit and we just started working on our new FY budgeting and so need to know what to add if necessary. Thanks!

@Jeffrey Allen The latest I've heard is it will definitely be included in Microsoft 365 Business/Enterprise E3 and Education A3, but "details at a later date" - so if you're already licensed for E3/A3 no extra cost (off

Hopefully there will be some more detail soon released by someone on the inside.



@CoasterKaty, I saw that information and we do have licenses that are eligible but they may add on a charge and so I'd like to confirm with them before I submit our budget.