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We use Universal Print with multiple Canon ir-ADV 5550i which are UP printers.  We have noticed about a 15-second delay getting the printers connected.  We have one Canon printer that will print very light text or images. For example, you can print the same document to all 3 printers and the printer in question will print very light text while the other two print fine. The vendor cannot figure out the issue.  Has anyone experienced UP resulting in a very light print, everything looks washed out.  Yet, all diagnostics on the Canon show everything is fine including copying.  We use Windows 10 & 11 and MDM to manage all devices.


Assuming Windows Update is what is updating the Windows Universal Print software?



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@BikeTech - If the same document from same user's Windows device is printing fine on other printers, then it may be a printer specific problem. Have you tried:

  1. Unregistering and re-registering the printer
  2. Printing via other ways to the same printer (preferably same document from same user's device but without Universal Print)

I recommend you reach out to Canon support.




Can you clarify what you mean when you say a 15 second delay?

Not trying to hijack you post, but we are considering switching to UP, with the Canon line of printers. But I'm concerned about print delays with the print jobs having to back and forth from Azure. WOuld be interested to learn more about your experience in this.

@BikeTech - I followed up with Canon and this is the response I received from them:


Please contact a dealer from whom you bought Canon iR-ADV 5550i and escalate this issue.

Canon dev team would like to confirm what is going on. We would appreciate it if you would provide us with the following information when reporting the issue:

The network packet when the issue occurred.

A device log (SUBLOG) when the issue occurred.

If possible, the application data you used when the issue occurred.