Updating Print Job Status

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Is there a way yet to update the print job status?


Right now, it just says "Sent to printer" on the Universal Print printer queue in my window machine.


How can we remove it from the queue when we successfully process the print job on our side?





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@manrag - hope you are doing well. 


Updating job status is already available via IPP APIs. Our team recommends using the IPP standard as far as possible to develop a printer interface.


Graph APIs are meant for building cloud integrations where applications may work on printers/jobs in parallel (as a workflow). Graph APIs does make some tasks easier for cloud applications acting as printer interface like getting job notifications.





What's the proper way to authenticate when making ipp calls as I keep getting a 401 error.

Thanks for the response.

I keep getting an "connect ETIMEDOUT" error using the node.js IPP Api's. Any idea why?
@manrag - I think it will be best if you open a Support case via Azure Support portal.