Unregister printer fails after printer rename

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Shows removed in Azure but not on the connector. Print queue was renamed while it was registered.

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@Holger Luebsen Was the printer queue renamed from the Connector machine, or from the Azure Portal? Suggestion is to restart the PrintConnectorSvc (Print Connector service). There's a known issue where the Connector may not pick up the renamed print queue. Let us know if this resolves the issue 

I am having this same problem.  I unregistered the printer through Azure first then renamed the printer name on the server.  Now I have two printers showing registered with the old and new printer names in the connector.  I tried restarting the print spooler and clearing out the internet options cache. Nothing helps. How did you clear your registered connector printers?

@hmoobgolian Try restarting the Print Connector service. Ideally it will find the old printer no longer registered with Universal Print (since you unregistered it from Azure Portal). The new printer should still be fine.