Universal printers deployed through Intunes show for all users

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We just configured Universal print and it is working fine. We deploy specific printers to specific users through Intune, which also works.


When the first user logon to the computer, the printers are added. When the next user logon other printers are added as exptected, however the first users printers are still visible. The second user does not have access to these printers and he cannot print anything, but they are visible to him - which is confusing.


Is that pr. design? Shouldn't the first users printers disappear for the next user?

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I'm glad things went smoothly as you setup Universal Print in your environment.


Thanks for the feedback about printers being visible to users who didn't install them. I completely see how this could be confusing, especially that there's no clear error that tells the user they don't have access to this printer when they try to print to it. This limitation, however, comes from the fact that Windows installs printers per PC not per user. So even without Universal Print the behavior is the same.


If this is something you'd like us to bring to the attention of the Windows print team, please create a feature request at https://aka.ms/UPIdeas so we could use that to make a case for needing this work.


Thank you, again, for the helpful feedback!