Universal Print with Sharp Copiers

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I am working on setting up Universal Print for the business I work for.  Everything has been very smooth on the set up but we have several older copiers that are causing great difficulties.  Sharp MX-M754N is one in particular.  I can add the copier to the universal print connector and it loads into Azure.  Once there I can add users and successfully load the copier onto computers.  When jobs are sent to the copier it shows that they were successful but when you check the copier nothing has printed.  When you send a job to the copier it starts the process of warming the machine but after a few minutes it stops and acts like nothing was sent to the copier.  I have been using Sharps universal driver that we have used when installing copiers one buy one on computers.  This driver has worked in the past when installed on the computers.  There are several other model copiers that I am struggling with but I am hoping that I am missing something that will fix all of these copiers.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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@KiggansTech - have you followed up with Sharp or Universal Print support? Several OEM drivers run custom code depending on specific configurations for the driver - this could result in unexpected results. Sharp's team should be best position to guide on driver compatibility with Universal Print.


In case Sharp team cannot help, please raise a request with Universal Print support and they will try their best to help you out.