Universal Print Setup issues

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Hello everybody,

              we have just managed to get access to the Universal Print Preview and we wish to thank you a million for the opportunity given.

We are running a server less initiative in selected branch office with the objective of eliminating at all infrastructure components while still maintaining a degree of governance. 

One of the component that is part of our branch offices setup is the print server however as of now, due to the COVID emergency, the selected pilot office has been evacuated so we started using Universal Print with what we have at home: home printers ...

In my case I was able to setup everything properly, when I am sending the print-out to my home printer (an old Epson XP305 ink-jet) everything works smoothly therefore I thought about extending the experiment to a Colleague sitting in Delhi and here is where we are facing issues.

We are able to add to our tenant his printer (an HP DeskJet 3540) however when printing from my workstation the output goes nowhere w/o errors shown. 

On the other hand the Colleague in Delhi running a Windows 10 v1909 cannot find the printer to perform a test. 

On my Windows 10 v1903 I was able retrieving the printer pretty much immediately.

Any suggestion? Comments? 

Thanks for the attention given



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@Giuseppe GARZONI - thanks for reaching out. We really appreciate you giving Universal Print a shot in such trying times!


A few things regarding your problem:

  1. Ensure user has Universal Print license assigned to them using the M365 admin portal of AAD license management portal
  2. User who is trying to add printer and print has been added to the printer's permissions in the Universal Print admin portal


Regarding serverless - we need the printers to support Universal Print to provide a true serverless experience. We are working with most OEMs to build that support.


If you continue to have issues, please contact Microsoft Support. They should be able to help and guide.





@Giuseppe GARZONI 

Check that the Delhi user has the UP license applied to their AAD account via Office 365 manager, and that their home machine is added to the AAD Devices (add work account to the system). Once they have that, they should then be able to browse for the cloud printers. The second question would be to check the installation of the Connector on the Delhi system to register the printer. 


If you are still seeing an issue, please open a support case and we can assist you further. 



Thanks @Saurabh_Bansal both conditions you suggested were met, I have just double checked...glad to know I can raise tickets thru the usual support channel, I will do so immediately


Thanks @Philip_Demaree , the user in Delhi is using a corporate joined workstation with the home printer , I have managed  to remotely connect to his workstation and use my credentials to register the printer in the cloud 

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Quick Edit:

Having no datacenter in India will only impact customers who have their Azure AD tenant registered with India as country.

In the case below, Azure AD tenant was registered in some other country and user in India was successfully able to use Universal Print once their device was Azure AD joined. 


@Giuseppe GARZONI - one little update since I last posted.


I have been discussing this with my team. Currently we havent deployed in India data center and that may be the reason that user in Delhi is having issues doing anything with Universal Print. 


Once deployed in India, your users in India should be able to work with Universal Print.

Hi @Saurabh_Bansal , that definitively explains the behaviour we experienced.

When are you planning to deploy Universal Print in India? 

Where is already available? if I may...

When do you plan adding the capability also to mobile devices managed with Intune MDM? 

That would be a nice feature!!

Thanks a lot