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Hello dear colleagues and friends,
we have Universal Printing successfully in our test system.

Now the question is whether Universal Print also supports these functions ?

- Follow Me Printing
- Read toner level
- Automatic toner ordering
- Tray selection
- Page margins

- Scan Function

- Double Side Printing


Am very grateful for any hints and wish everyone here good luck !


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@Peter_K_ Follow Me is available via our partners - check out https://aka.ms/UniversalPrint to find out more information about each solution.

Toner ordering and Scan is currently not supported via Universal Print.


All other features are available provided:

  1. If printer is Universal Print ready
  2. For a printer that is not Universal Print ready, it can be connected via proxy called connector (available for free). This proxy uses printer's driver and translates to Universal Print protocol. Efficiency of translation depends on how compatible the driver is with Universal Print - you may have to check by either trying it out or working with the driver provider.

We encourage you to add new ideas to https://aka.ms/UPIdeas (or upvote existing ideas from other customers :) )








Seems like you can never get a straight answer from MS when you ask. 


- Follow Me Printing : You can print Anywhere (even outsid eyour network) - As long as the Local Universal Print Server is online (Device inside your network). 
- Read toner level - NO it just says LOW and doesnt say what color is low. 
- Automatic toner ordering - No
- Tray selection - YES
- Page margins - YES

- Scan Function - YES

- Double Side Printing - YES