Universal Print PowerShell reliability

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I have a script that checks on if our Technicians Add Printers to Universal Print (UP) Correctly. 


1) Ensure That Universal Print Printers Are Shared
2) Ensure All Users Are Granted Access To Printer Shares
3) Ensure Location Site Property Is Set To 4 Digit Store Number
4) Report Printers That Do Not Match The Naming Convention


Anyway this relies on the UP PowerShell module and the results it gives are inconsistent.  We had similar issues in the past with the MSGraph API.

I need the cmdlets in the module to return an error if they are not working right. that way I know when the data I am getting is not correct.

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@nclinch - can you elaborate a bit more on what inconsistencies you are facing? 

We can funnel this discussion via Microsoft Support :)



The output from PowerShell cmdlets have changed (See attached)... breaking my scripts... I see you do have some reliability/retry added to help out when you do not get all of the output from the cmdlet. Anyway did I miss an announcement that the PowerShell module was updated with breaking changes?

Using ContinuationToken

PowerShell command samples- Universal Print | Microsoft Learn


I have attached some output from cmdlets before the change. Now instead of the properties "name" (Get-upprinter) and "sharename" (Get-UppPrintershare). we now have DisplayName