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Universal Print Post Deployment

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I am just starting to test out Universal Printing as I am looking to move from GPO to Intune in my Hybrid environment.  I was able to successfully deploy a printer, however I do have a few questions now that the initial deployment is completed.


During the initial setup I have three printers deployed, and based on group membership I received one of them when I logged into my Win 10 computer.  Now that the initial deployment was completed I went back and updated the permissions for one of those printers already setup with the expectation that it would also be installed.  It's been almost 24 hours and it's still not displayed. 


In addition to updating the permissions for a printer already installed, I also added a fourth printer, granted permissions to that printer for my group and went through the deployment.  This printer is also not showing up, and when I check my printers.csv on the Win 10 computer, the file isn't updated.


What is the best way to handle both of these above scenarios? Any advise would be appreciated.

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@ChrisP1975 - Welcome to the shared journey with Universal Print :)


  1. Assigning permissions to a printer is different from deploying printers. Once user has permissions for the printer, they can either add the printer themselves on their device, or an admin can push the printers using Endpoint Manager (
  2. If you have already deployed a CSV - did it have all the printers initially? If you need to add printers to the CSV, then you will have deprovision the old CSV package and deploy the new CSV as a new Intune package. This behavior is specific to MEM for any provisioning that needs to replace old file with new file.
  3. Best way to check deployment of new CSV will be to find the file and check if its contents are updated (which I think you are already doing :)).






Thank you for this info. A few follow-up questions:


1. Is there a specific way that the user should manually add the printer? Right now you would connect to the print server \\printserver locate the printer and connect. I know that would still work, but is there a different method you would use for Universal Printing?

2. You are correct I did deploy the CSV and it did not have all the printers.  I did create a new intunewin application package and deployed that.  Sound like I will need to delete the old app and create a new one.

3. Yes I am checking for the printers.csv file, however its not looking for a newer version.  It just says that it exists (which is true) but it sounds like I may need to check the date.

1. User should just go to Settings->Devices->Printers & Scanners. There when they click on Add, they should see all UP printers that they have access to. There are some pre-requisites to it like user having Universal Print license, device managed via Azure AD account etc. Please refer to for exact details.