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Hi all,


We would like to implement Universal Print in our organization. Few questions;


If we use Universal Print and we run out of print jobs (license wise), can we still print? Or do we first need to upgrade the license? If so, is there a way to track this for example with an email notification to the admin that the tenant is running out of print jobs soon e.g.?


We want to make sure that we can control this (admin wise) to prevent that printing is no longer possible in the organization when we exceed the print limit. 


Thanks in advance!


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@Ivarious - Thanks for considering Universal Print. We hope you like the product and give us valuable feedback throughout your journey!


Universal Print provides information on your print capacity on Universal Print admin portal (under reports). As you approach your capacity, we will raise notifications in the portal. Printing will not stop immediately even after your organization crosses the limits - we will continue to raise notifications. You can either purchase additional capacity via your channel partner or directly on Microsoft 365 admin portal.


Regarding receiving notifications over email or any other alerting mechanism, please file a feedback on Please mention the specific alerting tool(s) you will be okay with. Other customers can view your feedback and vote it up if they have a similar ask.




Thanks for your response Saurabh. So as I understand we can view the current print jobs as in the Usage and Reports screen of the universal print. When exceed, there is no out-of-the-box email functionality to notify an administrator. When print limit is exceeded the users can still print?

Our situation would be that there is no admin checking the Universal Print report frequently to check if the limit is exceed.

Last question; if we exceed the print limit, I understand we can still print. How is this setup? Are all the exceeded print jobs removed from the new license add for example?

@Ivarious - the print job ticker is reset every month and we start counting from zero :). Hope that helps.