Universal Print defaults to letter instead of A4 size on client PC's. Does not correct during print

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Not sure if it makes  a difference but running a Sharp MX4141N and MX5070N through the connector software with the UD3 Driver. (Have tried with other drviers)


By default when the Universal Print printer is installed on users computers (Via an Intune Policy) the paper size defaults to Letter instead of A4. This means that when a user prints they need to go up to the printer and tell it to change print size to A4.


The document printing is in A4
Changing the paper size in Printer Preferences -> Advanced fixes this: But it is a manual process I want them to provision with the correct paper size.


Any help would be appreciated.

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@Beid13244 Unfortunately this is a known issue - Windows OS has this problem for all printers that use IPP (instead of driver). Since Universal Print printers are installed as IPP printers, media size defaults are not honored in Windows.

Please see here - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/universal-print/fundamentals/universal-print-known-issues#printer-d...


Due to this issue we took out media-size default from Universal Print portal and plan to add it back once Windows fixes the bug. There is no current ETA.

Hi Saurabh, any news on when this might be fixed?

There is no ETA for this. It may take time as this is expected to be OS level change. You can mitigate this by setting the appropriate region/locale on user's device which accepts A4 as media size.

@Saurabh_Bansal could you pls explain how to do the setting ofappropriate region/locale on user's device ?



Have you tried going on the Universal Print Host that hosts the local printer and setting it in the drivers there? The Default Tray for our Kyocera was defaulting to the wrong tray then went on the host and modified it there, reshared and it now prints on the right tray.

thanks, tried the configuration from printer host. but the configuration not come down to the clould printer. @Breandan Sharpe