Universal Print Connector Version. Print Jobs stuck in pending

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Issues with Universal Print from 3rd July - Microsoft Tech Community


What updates are in the latest build of the connector that you linked? (1.26.7633.377)


Is there a reason why it isn't released yet like bugs and such?


We are running the "current" latest build 1.14.7564.21701 and we are still having issues with print jobs getting stuck in pending.


I already submitted a ticket through Azure and the agent said it was a known issue that will be fixed in the future.


Was wondering if this new connector would resolve it but you replied about 5 months ago so I'm wondering if there's a better version that is "not released".


Thank you!

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I've been kind of keeping an eye on the latest versions also and it seems my connector just updated to the latest version in the last day or so. 1.26.7633.23531. Hoping it irons out some of those odd pending issues here as well. 







I was told that this new Connector does resolve this. :) 


We will see though.

@Mailmansgotmail For the released versions, you can find the change log here:

Connector Updates | Microsoft Docs


We update connector version for everyone after internal testing and validations with some early adopters.