Universal Print Cloud-based solution / Santa Microsoft Wishlist

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Hi all,

Features that will be nice to have :

  • Capabilities to interact with devices (Device state, Reset, Reboot..),
  • Information / stastics about consumables (toners level, waste bottle level, maintenance kit level, toner serial number...),
  • Usage metrics per Device (Print from last reboot, total device print, total print through Universal Print...),
  • Usage metrics per User (total print through Universal Print, Black and white, Color, Hours of printing, Geolocalization of printing...),
  • Nice UX with features based on device features and not queues,
  • Right management based on devices and users / document content (see bellow)


As mentioned before and read on this forum :

  • print through printer mapping on floors,
  • printer deployment with reporting (install, not install, partial),
  • follow me printing (PIN code and so on...Not secure print),
  • printing submission interface.

Optional, but nice to have too :

  • local printing relay (Avoid to send job through the internet then pull back),
  • Print content management to be GDPR complient like O365 offer.
  • ATP like, but for printing (Zero trust based)
A nice wishlist for Santa Microsoft :)
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@Vincent LOISEAU thanks.  Put these in the Ideas for votes?


Of course, my bad!


@Vincent LOISEAU, did you add it to features request for upvoting?  I agree with your ideas on this.  Thansk!

@Vincent LOISEAU 



Indeed follow me printing with a pin or badgereader (e.g. Safecom) would be great.