Universal Print and Secure Printing

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We are currently using Canon Uniflow to provide us with Secure Print [e.g. the print is not printed until the user authenticates with AD or a Pin at the printer] on prem. I am interested in Universal Print. One of the reasons is to simplify my environment, another is costs, and another is to be more flexible and not be tied down to Canon MFD. Are there others with similar objectives and have got a solution? 

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Andrew, releasing the print job at the printer (what some people refer to as secure print) is a set of features that are on the Universal Print roadmap. Currently, Universal Print offers releasing print jobs with a PIN. Additional job release mechanisms are coming. If there’s a particular job release mechanism that is needed for your organization (e.g., from a phone app, by scanning employee badge, etc.) please create a feature request at https://aka.ms/UPIdeas or upvote an existing feature request if one is already there.
I have the same query - Canon MFD hardware hooked up currently with their German friends UniFlow all on Prem. What we would like is a pure Canon and Microsoft solution - retaining "secure release" with a PIN. I think I heard several others MFD makers now have that baked in to their firmware - my question I guess to any Canon folks on this road is anyone using just Universal Print without UniFlow and maintaining sanity? thanks