Universal Print and Intune for Education

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Hi everyone,

I am a tech coordinator for a small rural school district and am super excited about Universal Print and the ability to assign printers to different groups within Office 365. I have set up a print connector at both schools to add the printers to Universal Print. The one thing I am wondering is if it is ok to use a security group (ie students, faculty that I use for distributing intune-edu policies) for Universal Print to provide access to those groups printer? The reason I ask is after adding those groups as access groups for Universal print those groups are now nested under the universal print printer address instead of a the top level of the groups tab. I am unsure if this will cause an issue with deploying policies or if there is a better way deploy in this scenario? Sorry I realize this may be hard to visualize so I added a picture so you can see what I mean about the nesting. Universal Print Intune.png


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@Joel9799 Hi Joel,


Are you using Azure Portal to configure access? If you're adding groups via the flow in the below screenshot, you're good to go and won't cause any issues :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: