Univeral Print and Printing from Backend Processes

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Everything I've seen assumes that the print is initiated by a user in an app, or something similar. I've not been able to find anything on printing to UP from a backend process. This could be a Power Automate Flow, Azure Logic App, Azure Function, something where a process is running and can send a print job to UP. 


More detail on the scenario. 

  • There are local printers in a variety of locations 
  • We assume there is a UP Connector server set up that is connected to the printers 
  • We have a process running, lets say an Azure function, that accepts a document and printer ID
  • The Azure function should be able to communicate to UP service and send the print job similarly to how this would happen if a user was printing using UP 

First, I'm hoping to confirm (or not) that this use case is currently not supported directly by UP. 

Second, what if any, are the technical barriers preventing this at the moment? 


Thanks in advance!


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@Paul_Kavanagh recommend moving this ask to the http://aka.ms/UPIdeas section and then track its progress.

Hello Team,
Is there a way to trigger silent printing from Azure Function using a Universal Print?
@Saurabh_Bansal / @Paul_Kavanagh Kindly point me to the latest relevant links
Thank you in advance.