Unable to register Universal Print Trial

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I signed up for this universal print trial using my work account.  When I received the acceptance notification from Microsoft to go and register our trial I was able to sign in using my company account (the one I used to register for this trial).  But when I tried to apply the promo to our M365 license I got an error saying that my email account was already registered so I need to use a new account.  This is not working for us.  If you know how to get around this please let me know.  Thank you. 

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Hi @Computernations 


Your tenant might already have Universal Print enabled.  Also you need to use a global administrator account to assign Universal Print licenses to users in the tenant, and a user with the Print Administrator or Global Administrator role should be able to register and manage printers.


If you have trouble assigning licenses or registering/using printers, please reach out to Microsoft Support and they'll make sure you quickly get the help you need!