The "service" entity and the communication protocol

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Hello everyone,


we have doing some research on the API and noticed that the entity "services" has no relation to other entities, like printer or connector etc. 


We looked into the connections of the "Universal Print Connector Tool" using Wireshark and found that the URLs of the services (eg.

) were in at least one initial TCP packet that was exchanged during a print process.


Could you provide a little more information about the "service" entity?


Additionally, the documentation talks about "the communication protocols that the Universal Print service uses". Which protocol is this? Is there an RFC for it and how does the authentication against this protocol work?




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In terms communication protocols, UP is based on PWG IPP (   


If you are building a solution that uses UP, I hope you had a chance to watch this serssion:


Here's the latest docs about the service resource type:


If none of this is useful to you, please let us know what you are trying to do and we are happy to provide more specific info.