The job arrives quickly at Universal Print, but it takes a very long time for it to start printing.

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Hi, All.


I am trying to use Universal Print to try it out.

I have confirmed that the job will arrive in Azure as soon as I run print.

However, no matter how long I waited, the printed paper did not come out.


After a few hours of waiting, printing suddenly started and the paper came out.
The printed content was also normal.


Why does it take so long to start printing after a job arrives in Azure?


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@FIAformula1 Are you using Universal Print connector? If yes, what version?


Please use the latest version from


If you continue to see issues with job latency, please file a support case with Azure Support portal.



I'm having this issue as well with our custom connector. We use long polling for notifications, but sometimes the job notification just won't arrive, so we are forced to also poll the notification endpoint every now and then to make sure the job is not delayed too much.

@Gianvito_Difilippo - seems like you are creating your own connector and having issues setting up notifications.


Where is your connector installed - is it in customer's network or in the cloud?


There are no known issues with notification service at this point of time. You may want to troubleshoot this internally. If still there is an issue, please reach out to support. They can help looking at logs and identify the problem with the print job.