Restricting Universal printing to only on our network

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Sounds silly I know, but curious to see if anyone has seen or know of a way to restrict access to only be able to utilize universal printing on our network...reason why, if we give access to students to universal printing, there are some folks concerned that they could then utilize all of our print jobs from home.

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I have not used it myself, but it sounds like this could be an option to what you are searching for?

@AndreasAsander We use this to block countries at this time, I don't believe it works for printing though, we have been investigating it I said, what they are asking kind of defeats the purpose of Universal Printing.

Did you find out some solution about this argument? I'm interested too

@HyeonEvangelista - Conditional Access is available for Universal Print and you can use it to geo-fence the printing for users. At the moment, you can control access at overall level - if access is enabled for a location, then users can print to all printers they have access to.  

So, to recap what I would like to do:
I create a new ca that targets universal print app
then I put the company networks in allow only

thus making users still only print from corporate networks?