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Hi all,

I was trying to register a Lexmark Printer for Universal Print via Web Interface. However, I get the message that admin approval is needed. I checked in Azure Active Directory -> Users -> User Settings and the registration of apps is enabled.

Do you have an idea how I could solve this problem? 

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@JohnJRashmo what roles are assigned to the AAD account you are using to register? The account needs to be a Printer Administrator or a Global Administrator.

Hi Mister Evan Mills,

thank you for your reply!

My account was assigned the following roles:

Printer Administrator
+ Printer Technician

With those two role assigned I couldn't register the lexmark printer. I asked our Global Administrator to register the printer and for him it worked straight.

I think that I couldn't register the printer because in our company's Azure Portal-> AAD -> Enterprise Applications -> User Settings -> Admin consent request -> Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to = is set to NO.

Now that our Global Admin registered once a lexmark printer, I am able to register printers myself that support native MS Universal Print but I am facing a new problem with the Print Connector.

I installed the Print Connector on a Test Windows Server 2019. On that server I mapped some printers that are locally installed on our productive Windows Print Server 2016 (we have around 2000 printers there). Within the Test Windows Server 2019 I see the printers that I mapped but when I run the Print Connector that is installed on that Test Windows Server 2019, the Print Connectors doesn't show any of those Printers that are mapped.

This is where I am stuck. I have to say that none of our printers locally installed on our productive Windows Print Server 2016 can access Internet (no proxy, no whitelisted).

If You have any idea of how I could solve this problem I would be more than thankful. We really would like to move to cloud printing with MS. Me and my other colleagues we lost too many hairs with the print servers :D

@JohnJRashmo your correct that the very first printer registration of a Universal Print ready printer, regardless from which printer vendor will require someone with enough access to approve web applications.  The reason is that like other web apps that wants to access user resources (think mobile apps / games that are using your Facebook login / Microsoft login / Google login) you get prompted to consent to the app wanting to access certain resources.  Once the consent is approved, then regardless where that app is running (in this case any Lexmark printer) the app has been consent to access the info.


Regarding using the Universal Print connector software, I recommend doing a backup and restore of the printer queues from the product machine (WS 2016) to the test server (WS2019).  This way on the test server the printer queues are local (TCP/WSD ports) instead of a redirection to another server (\\servername\printer).