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Hi, I am new to universal print.  I was able to set the connector up on my laptop to do some prelim testing and it worked as intended.  So phase 2 was install it on a server, so I used one in our Azure DC.  Everything looks good, until I try to add a printer to my endpoint and it looks like it starts to work, but then I get a "Status unavailable" message on the printer in my windows 10 UI.


Before I go and try a different server, has anyone run into this?  



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@mike_modee Check that the Connector service is running on the server and that the spooler is running. Next, check the PrintConnector event log for any error. Also make sure the printer on the server that you registered with UP is on-line and working. If you are still seeing an issue, open up a support case for Universal Print through the Azure support portal and we can take a look. 



@Philip_Demaree I have the same problem opened a case in the azure portal, @mike_modee do you find the issue ?

@mike_modee did this ever get resolved and if so what was the fix?