Publishing universal printer to Azure Active Directory devices\users

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I am currently running a PoC in our tenant for universal print. I have configured a connector on which I have installed a printer. I have then shared that printer and given 4 users access.

I can see the printer object in Azure Active Directory --> Devices as an "Azure AD joined" object. However, none of users (the 4 that I have shared the printer with) can see the printer when they search for it in Windows --> Settings --> Devices --> Printers and Scanners.

i have ensured that all the 4 users have Universal Print license assigned to them.


any ideas why the user can't see the printer on their device after it has been published to Azure Active Directory?

has anyone else having the same issue?

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Check if user is connected in Settings-> Accounts-> Access work or school.
User need to be added to Access control in UP portal to see shared printer.
yes the users are connected and given access in Access Control in universal Print.

Do we need to deploy these two packages as well for the discovery to work:

i thought, publishing shared printers to AAD (as they become AAD joined devices) eliminates the need for the deployment of the above two packages as stipulated in the link.

@ShehzadUIT - please check for all the pre-requisites for user's device (including Windows version).


Link:  Set up Universal Print | Microsoft Docs


If you continue to see issue, please reach out to Microsoft Support via Azure Support portal.