Printing from OneDrive prompts for Paper Size Mismatch

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While on a Windows 10 in the Edge Browser, I select a Word document in OneDrive and choose print.



For my Printer, I select a UP Ready Xerox® AltaLink® C8135 Multifunction printer. As you can see the default Paper type is automatically set to Envelope.


This default setting makes the printer halt and prompt a message to the user instructing them to load paper of the type A4 Envelope since only A4 Plain Paper is loaded in all the trays, which is the default at the company.


As we don’t want all users to have to change the default Paper Type themselves at the time of print from Envelope to Plain Paper, we want to change this in the Universal Print Portal Printer Defaults but it seems that this option is missing here.


Anyone else experiencing this?

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@AndreasAsander - good feedback. Thank You! I will forward this to the team. 

Currently, we do not have default for media type as Windows does not honor the "media-type default" property and it can lead to confusion.