Printers not showing up on Windows Client

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Hi Guys,


Firstly a big thank you for letting me access the Private Preview. I think this will be a great solution for my clients and even better once we actually see printer hardware with this capability built in.


So I have set up my print connector, registered, shared and assigned permissions etc.

My PC is running Windows 10 Pro 1909 and is AAD Joined.

I have assigned the UP license to my user account which has an Office 365 E3 and EMS licence attached also. 


I have waited around 12 hours but I still can not see the printer show up when trying to add printer.

I am located in Australia and saw a post about India not having the Azure bits loaded in yet.

I was wondering if this might be true for the Australian region also.


Are there any other Aussies out there that can confirm they have this working in Aus?


Can anyone see any issues or have any ideas about why this is not working for me yet?



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@Grant Klaaysen - In Printer Setting user interface, when you click on Add Printer, do you notice a link (after some time) at the bottom saying something like "Search for Universal Print for printers" or "Search for your organization printers"? If you see that link, then you can click on it and search the printer by some part of the name you shared it with. 


Datacenter issue should NOT impact you.


If it still doesn't work, then please contact Microsoft Support.

@Saurabh_Bansal Thanks for your reply.


I see the option "Search for your organization printers" but when I search it does not show up any results.

I will go ahead and log a support ticket and the post the results back here.




@Saurabh_Bansal Ok so how do I log a support ticket with Microsoft?


I went to the suggested Support link. (Windows > Windows 10 > [version] > Print, Fax, and Scan > Universal Print).


However when I go to log a ticket I need to pay for support. That does not seem right for someone testing out the product.


Suggestion and how I can get some help with my issue?



Firstly, can you recheck printer's permission assignment? Go to Universal Print portal (, click on the printer, in overview check if share is enabled and it has share id, then go to Members link on left navigation and verify if user is in the list of members.

To file support ticket there are three options. Option will depend on your licensing with MSFT (I am not expert at it :):(
1) Services Hub
2) Windows Support for business - details you mentioned refer to this.
3) Azure Support

All three options can be found by doing a quick Bing search.


@Saurabh_Bansal Thanks for the reply. 

I triple check those settings and all are setup correctly.


I managed to log a ticket via the Azure Portal so I will see how we go.



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@Grant Klaaysen Update


Is seems that Hybrid Cloud Print, which we had previously deployed, was causing issues with Universal Print.

Specifically the following reg key on the client PC which was deployed via Intune.




If you delete that key then it should start working. At least it did for me.

You of course will need to adjust Intune so that it does not update the reg key again.