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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Printers not showing up in Azure


We've added a bunch of new Lexmark printers to Universal print. The printers have Universal Print on board, and we've connected them the same way as we've done before but they don't appear in the printers list on Azure. The printers via the Lexmark ui say they are connected. We've tried removing them and readding but nothing. Anyone else had the same issue? Any ideas?

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@Mondas I think this may be similar to what I am seeing in my environment. Could you elaborate a little more. 

All the printers are added correctly on the printer, they show online via universal print ok the printer UI. I go into the UP area in azure portal and the printers are missing. Spoken to MS support and they are non the wiser either. Have you got anywhere?

@Mondas, while registering the first Lexmark printer, did you sign-in to the devicelogin page using global admin credentials?


Have you tried reaching out to Lexmark support?





@Saurabh_Bansal yes. We used the global admin on the printer account. We've spoken to Lexmark and they are not sure. We just dont see any more printers on the list. 15 printers are listed but we cant see any more

Lexmark Status - Device is online and registered with Universal Print
Universal Print Status - Printer does not display on the list of printers.