Printer queue clogged

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This service is very useful for companies that are currently splitting out to work at home and work at the office to ensure social distance!

I want it to work quickly, but I'm having trouble printing.


Registered successfully for Universal Printing on Azure.

The driver was successfully installed on the client machine.


When I do a test print, it stops at "Send to printer".


I have no idea what to do after this.

Please teach me!



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The printer I'm using is a Ricoh MP C 5002.

@FIAformula1 does the job show up in Azure portal ( You can view jobs for a printer by selecting the printer from the printers list. If you can locate the job in portal, check what's the status.


If it continues to fail then request support. Support request can be created using one of the following (based on your Support plan with Microsoft):

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Hi, All.


I was able to solve it myself.

Thank you for helping me.



Here's a solution for someone.


The cause was very simple.

There was a problem with the network connected to the printer.

This driver cannot determine whether the printer can be connected normally.

I noticed that the trouble occurred only when I went to the printer.







The job of the printer has come to Azure normally, but it cannot be determined whether the printer is operating normally.

This is the problem!!
I hope it will improve over time.