Printer Driver Deployment

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Currently what I see, Universal Print is setting up printer with windows generic printer drivers, Is there a plan for the future to have appropriate printer drivers deployed as well? Or at least to specify which (pre-installed) drivers to use?


For example Kyocera printers work best with their own drivers, for Mac users, they have to have Kyocera drivers pre-installed before then can setup the printer.


In our case, we are operating cloud based, so we don't have local servers nor we are in hybrid. Only Cloud. Currently I am deploying printers via Azure Blobs (download drivers) and Script (install and map it).


By the way, Mac users do not see UP Cloud Printer, while Windows users can. At least on our end

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Thanks for the feedback.

If I correctly understand what you're asking for, the 2 things you mentioned are posted on


- Driver management

- MacOS support


If these are important to your organization, please upvote them. Also, please add any other new ideas at




Okay, thank you for the feedback