Not able to Register Universal Print ready printers

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we have purchased three Canon C1333iF printers to use Microsoft Universal Print. These printers are Universal Print ready printers.


We get an error message when we click register on the printer's online portal.

Information such as the App ID, registration URL, and authentication URL are pre-populated by Canon.

Canon support says that the error is with Microsoft.

Attached I am sending a screenshot of the printer's Universal Print setting configuration.


We can rule out the following:
We can rule out a license and permissions issue, as we can't even get to the user account prompt.
We can also rule out a network problem, as we have already tested this via a mobile hotspot.


I would be very grateful for any hints and tips.










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@Lucas_Meiner - does your organization have Conditional Access enabled?


If yes, then this issue may be due to the same. You can verify this by capturing the network traffic from browser where you are registering the printer. There will be a GET call to ...print/services URL - this will have a 400 response code with error_description showing Conditional Access issue. 


Universal Print is now compatible with Conditional Access. To overcome the issue, you will have to setup an exclusion rule under Conditional Access. You will have to exclude both Universal Print app and the KM app that is being used to register the printer.


Looking forward to hear if you made any progress in resolving this :)