New behavior including Xerox Print and Scan Experience.

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Hi everyone,


This week, we started using Universal Print in my organization after a long test period. We noticed something new last week about some of our Xerox printers. Somehow, just below the printer name in the settings page, there is a link saying something like "Software available for this device". See printscreen attached. Clicking on it opens the Microsoft Store and installs Xerox Print and Scan Experience.


This installation causes an error when we try to print using our Universal Print printers. Removing it fixes the problem.


Is there something new about Universal Print OR Universal Print Class Driver? What has changed last week that causes this? Anyone has some information about this?


Thanks!! Have a nice day!!

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We have seen that on occasion on a few printers.
From what I understood at the time is that Xerox in this case has released a Printer Support Application(PSA) that your installed printer model supports which Windows recognizes and therefore, as a feature, is providing you with a direct link to the Windows Store to install that PSA.

@Gudhal Hello.  Could you possibly share more about your experience with Xerox?  Please feel free to reach out to me directly either through this forum, or if it is possible, email us at XeroxPrintAndScanExperience(at with detailed information.  I would like to understand this failure and work with you to find a resolution.




I sent you an email.
best response confirmed by Saurabh_Bansal (Microsoft)

@Gudhal Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have documented the issue, mitigations and planned fix here: Known Issues - Universal Print | Microsoft Learn. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks a lot @akeswani! I will be waiting for the update!