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Hi, when we implement Universal Print we would like to disable the computers to search for local printers directly, but instead just show printers shared from Universal Print. Now when a user is adding a printer, the user first gets a list of local printers, then gets some printers from Universal Print in the list. Most of our users would then pick a printer from the local printer list, and not use the shared printer, this way we will not be able to get statistics or to add printer preferences to the printers used. Anyone that could help us with this problem?

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@Jan_E950 are the local printers the ones that are through the on-premise Active Directory and Print Server?  Or, are the local printers more like the ones you find at a home network?


If the local printers are through a Print Server, you can try to remove the printer in the directory by unchecking the "List in the directory" option.


















@Jimmy_Wu What impact will the group policy Computer / Admin Templates / Printers /Add Printer wizard - Network scan page (Managed network)  have when finding Azure UP printers.


Specifically the "Number of directory printers" or just disabling the scan.


Are the UP printers even impacted?






@Jimmy_Wu Hi, The computers do not see the on premise AD shared printers, but they show a list of the discovered printers on local subnet like on a home network.

@Alan Morris, the settings you mentioned do not impact Universal Print printer discovery.  The settings impacts the existing on premise managed network printer discovery.

@Jan_E950, Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a way to disable the local subnet printer discovery functionality within Windows.  Since the local subnet responds much faster, the results are displayed ahead of the response from Universal Print.


Would it be possible to configure the physical printers to stop broadcasting themselves?  For example, turn off AirPrint (Bonjour); Mopria; WSD; Multicast Discovery.  This way the local subnet printer discovery would not find these printers, since the physical printers won't respond to the discovery request.