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We are generally using Lexmark printers and I have been trying to set up Universal Print for a Lexmark CX725 and a MS825dn. Both support UP directly by installing a configuration bundle. Both printers are fw updated. 

Registration works fine and both printers have a ready status both on Printer and Azure

When I send a test print to the printers are listed as pending in status on the Universal print administration site and never leaves Azure.

I thought it could help by installing the Universal Print connector, but from what I see in this forum, other users have the same issue with that component.


Anyone have any clue how to get this more stable?


/ Torsten 




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@Dynamitten2212 Lexmark printer should pick up a job from the cloud queue very quickly (within a few seconds). If it is not able to do so, you should file a support case with Azure Support portal. One of the engineers may be able to look at logs and see whats happening.