Issues with Universal Print from 3rd July

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We were running a successful install but last Friday we started getting aborted prints for no apparent reason. We are running the lastest build of the print connector.

At the moment, no jobs will appear within the local print queues which are then processed by Papercut and then paused pending release with card.

Attached are the logs, if someone can give us some insight into the issue, it would be much appreciated!

The advancemet of UP is a massive game changer for us!



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@JoeMatthews - thanks for appreciating Universal Print and being an early adopter.


Here are the steps I will recommend you:

  1. Try installing the latest build (not yet released) version of connector -
  2. If #1 doesn't work then reach out to Microsoft Support using Azure support portal.



Many thanks @Saurabh_Bansal 

I have run version as suggested but we are still seeing jobs with the owner as 'SYSTEM'.

We have an issue with our support agreement which MS are struggling to correct so if anyone has any ideas in the meantime I would really like to hear from you.



@JoeMatthews - Wasn't very clear from the initial post that this was related to username :).


When using third-party software, we typically recommend partners to provide their own version of connector which can extract username from the Universal Print service.


Microsoft's connector runs as a SYSTEM process and thus forwards the job as SYSTEM. There are a few scenarios where connector may send the actual username forward provided connector is joined to local active directory and impersonation is enabled. Impersonation converts the Azure AD username to local active directory username.


Impersonation is not recommended and currently unsupported since it can be very complex to set it up and also required presence of local active directory which defeats the purpose of moving to cloud :).


You may want to work with PaperCut to identify if there is an alternate option.




What updates are in the latest build of the connector that you linked? (1.26.7633.377)


Is there a reason why it isn't released yet like bugs and such?


We are running the "current" latest build 1.14.7564.21701 and we are still having issues with print jobs getting stuck in pending.


I already submitted a ticket through Azure and the agent said it was a known issue that will be fixed in the future.


Was wondering if this new connector would resolve it but you replied about 5 months ago so I'm wondering if there's a better version that is "not released".


Thank you!

@Mailmansgotmail04 - I have replied to these questions on a separate thread :)